I am a ceramic artist based in the Yorkshire Dales, with a deep attachment to the countryside. I am captivated by nature in all its forms, flora, fauna, landscape and geology.  The ancient,weathered, encrusted and overgrown surfaces of rocks, wood, mosses and lichens are endlessly fascinating to me, with so many layers and colours deposited over time.

These influences are frequently expressed in my ceramic practice by the use of texture; via the groggy clay, the mark making, the earth oxides and colourants used to impart the subtle pallete, as well as the form of the piece.

My love of ceramics started early ...... with a battery powered child's pottery wheel! But many years were to pass before I was able to experiment with making ceramics myself, and love finally blossomed! I was surprised that (after waiting so long to learn to throw), I was strongly drawn to hand-building my work. This method connects me to the clay at all its stages and means that my ideas can develop more intuitively. It is the contemplative and absorbing nature of this process that I love so much.

My lifelong passion for nature and the curiosity to keep learning and experimenting are translated into my ceramic pieces. I hope that others will connect with nature and wild spaces through my work too.